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Choose Carrier

Scroll down to the section where all the mobile carriers are listed or click on the menu link (Pay My Phone). Once you are there, select the mobile carrier you want to pay.

Select Plan

Once you have selected the Mobile Carrier company you are with, you will see all the available plans under that carrier. Enter the phone number you want to make a payment for and ... you almost done!

Submit Payment

Verify that your phone number is correct as well as the amount to pay, click on the "Pay Now" button and you will be redirected to Paypal where you can proceed with the payment using any Credit Card/Debit Card or Bank Account. That's all!

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Mobile Carriers 1. Choose your mobile carrier below to pay your bill.

International ActivationsAre you traveling to the USA? We can help you!

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About FastPay 24/7 Team

FastPay 24/7 is owned & operated by Team Wireless Unlimited. An Authorized dealer that has been offering activation, repair services for over 5 years.

We also offer international activation services for those wanting to travel to the USA. Give us a call or email us at your convinience with any questions regarding our services.

You can also visit our website TeamWireless Unlimited for more information.

Always Pay on time Avoid penalties or termination of your line by paying on time every month

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Contact Us If you have any questions, please leave us a message.

Aditional Information

Use this form to contact us with any questions or concerns. If your services is or will be suspended soon, please give us a call right after you make your payment.

TeamWireless Unlimited

16772 NW 67th Ave,
Country Club, 33014
Tel. (305) 821-8490

Always Pay on time Avoid penalties or termination of your line by paying on time every month

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